Sunday, April 18, 2010

Independent Workers Movement ~April 18

I love my neighborhood, I can always depend on it to provide someway for me to avoid labor studies readings. Today there was an Independent Workers Movement rally and march. The demands of the marchers were some of my favorite issues:
  • End the theft of our salaries by employers
  • End the racist raids against immigrants
  • Citizenship or legalization for all
  • Stop Police harassment of: day laborers, all street vendors and of youth
  • For the unity of families and for our children
  • End homophobia

We marched from Broadway and 69th St to Junction and Roosevelt, with a short rally at 83rd and Roosevelt, and a longer rally at Junction and Roosevelt.

Some of the groups participating were:

Queens Day Laborers; Philippine Forum; Bayan NYC; Sisa Pakari Labor Center ; Queens Street Vendors Union; People’s Organization for Progress NYC Chapter; International Socialist Organization; Million Worker March Movement; LGBT Equality Coalition of Queens; Latino Students of NYU; May 1st Coalition; Pakistan-USA Freedom Forum

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